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Letters to the Editor

Mebane student architects hone their math skills

Mebane_Scale_Model_Picture_1_copyALACHUA – Mebane Middle School eighth-grade students in Timothy Hinchman’s advanced math classes recently put their mathematics skills to use as part of a special project.  Students were assigned a building on the school campus and tasked to build a scale replica of the structure.

Using skills they developed in the classroom, the young mathematicians were required to measure the length and width of the building in meters, and using trigonometric ratios, to determine the height of each building.

Students also had to sketch a map of the building, labeling all doors and windows, and had to know the distances of each to build the scale model. Using the correct formulas and measurements to calculate the area and perimeter of the building, they made a scale drawing using graph paper, drawing the walls, windows, doorways and closets. With materials of their choice, they then created the scale model structures representing structures throughout the school campus.