Last updateTue, 24 Nov 2015 12am


Job drain overseas continues

The Gainesville Sun published an article describing Congressman Cliff Stearn's visit to the Progress Corporate Park hi-tech center in Alachua as part of the "jobs tour" in his campaign for re-election after 22 years in the seat. 

Specifically he visited Invivo Diagnostic Imaging, a business producing MRI components used in the treatment of battlefield brain traumas. 

This tour was part of the "jobs, jobs, jobs" mantra of his campaign, as he touted his role in having come to the county in 2006 to hand deliver a huge mock check for a half million dollars as a Department of Defense grant for the company; it is now furnishing jobs for 620 people in the area. 

What the article neglected to say was that two months after this display of Stearns' job creating prowess, the company's parent company in Latham NY was acquired by the Dutch company Royal Philips. Nor, of course, did it reflect the fact that Philips, like other multi-national corporations with U.S. affiliates, is busily engaged in enhancing the company's bottom line by transferring operations to other countries like India, where their labor costs are much lower. 

So my question: Are the jobs created by the great job creator to be lost as yet more jobs are transferred abroad? Stearns gave us jobs, but were they “job” jobs (in the sense of stable ones)?

 Jerry D. Rose

Gainesville, Fla.