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Who put the cart before the horse?

LTE2012“Who put the cart before the horse?” or should we say “Who put the cart before the park?”

On Sunday afternoon, Earth Day, at the City-sponsored music event at James Paul Park, Vice Mayor Barnas showed up in a golf cart complete with a fringed covered cloth roof.

We have learned that this vehicle was purchased by the City at a cost of $200 over budget, and that none of the other commissioners were notified.  The money had been budgeted for a cart for Poe Springs Park.  As of this date, the City has no contractual agreement with the County for management of the park.

Vice Mayor Barnas instructed City Manager Langman to purchase this over-budget vehicle in spite of the bare bones budget and his frequent complaints about City spending in the past.

He is now using it to parade around town.  This vehicle is not the work vehicle which was what the budgeted money was intended to purchase.  This cart definitely cannot do park “work” such as hauling garbage, transporting workers, debris pick-up or equipment moving.

We would expect Mr. Barnas to practice the thriftiness he preaches - not buy an over-budget decorative play vehicle supposedly for use at a park that High Springs does not manage.

Suzie Ann Clark

High Springs,