W_-_SFHS_Vet_1_SFHS_VB_Vet_10W_-_SFHS_Vet_2_SFHS_VB_Vet_13W_-_SFHS_Vet_3_VB_Vet_8S_-_SFHS_2_VB_Vet_9W_-_SFHS_Vet_4__VB_Vet_4SFHS_Vet_5_VB_Vet_6SFHS_Vet_6_VB_Vet_3W_-_SFHS_Vet_7_SFHS_VB_Vet_2Photos by Delia Lander special to Alachua County Today / In a special ceremony on Sept. 11, the Santa Fe High School Volleyball team continued in its tradition of remembering and honoring veterans.  Before the varsity volleyball game Tuesday evening, Raiders rose their feet to pay homage to veterans who have served, those who continue to serve and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Each veteran in attendance or their representative was brought forward to show appreciation for their service.  Following a rousing rendition of God Bless America sung by local favorite Antoinette Hunt, the veterans were treated to a private reception and invited to watch enjoy the volleyball game.  Special this year was a moment of silence to remember victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.