Community Interest
AC_Beyond2012E  GAINESVILLE – FloridaWorks is partnering with local businesses to provide on-the-job-training (OJT) opportunities through a new Healthcare and Biomanufacturing Occupations Training Program (HBOT).

The program, which can be implemented over the next four years, is made possible through a $5 million grant from the United States Department of Labor.

Funding for the program comes from H1B visa fees collected from employers hiring foreign workers. HBOT encourages employers to hire and train for the employer’s specific needs, and are required to hire and train unemployed adults and retain them in employment after the HBOT funded on-the-job training period ends. It is anticipated that this program will provide over 200 unemployed people in the region with new employment opportunities.

The HBOT program is specifically designed to assist the healthcare and biomanufacturing companies in Alachua and Bradford counties, by reimbursing them with up to 90 percent of salaries to train local workers on the job. FloridaWorks will accept applications from employers to hire workers under the program.

FloridaWorks, the Alachua Bradford Regional Workforce Board, is a workforce investment board comprised of 37 local community leader board members.