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HIGH SPRINGS – High Springs City Manager Ed Booth announced a trial period of six weeks to try out a four-day work week at City Hall.

“I have noticed very little citizen traffic in City Hall on Fridays and most of what we do get is at the beginning of the day,” he said.

Booth said most of the people he has talked with said they wouldn’t mind having City Hall closed Fridays as long as there were office hours before and after the traditional work hours.

City Hall will now be open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday, during this trial period according to Booth. “It is on our web page and we will advertise the change so our citizens know about it,” he said.

The employees are interested in trying it out and the City of Alachua says they have saved a lot of money since going to that type of work week, Booth told commissioners. “At the end of six weeks, I will come back to the commission and let you know how it is working out for the citizens,” he said. “They are the ones I’m most concerned about.”

The City of Alachua went to a four-day work week for City Hall in October 2010, using the same days of the week and hours of operation that the City of High Springs is proposing.

Alachua Assistant City Manager Adam Boukari said, “The savings to the City are not fully known, however after about nine months of implementation, the savings included $18,000in utilities and 1,200 gallons of fuel. Other savings factors were not calculated at that time,” he said. No formal savings analysis has been performed since and reduced use of sick leave and other variables were not calculated. Apparently the savings in fuel and utility usage alone was enough for Alachua to continue the practice to date.

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