Community Interest

LACROSSE – Three members of LaCrosse’s town council will keep their seats after they were unopposed for an election that was scheduled to take place on March 8.

Mayor Dianne Dubberly, Vice Mayor Tom Ewing and Councilwoman Jennifer McLendon will each be returning to office.

Dubberly said no other candidates qualified to run for those seats.

“We’re a small town and really getting people to serve is not the same as it is in a large town,” she said. “When you’re a town council person, it is not unusual not to have any opposition when your term ends.”

McLendon said the town's efforts to advertise the elections included a Facebook page, a notification on LaCrosse’s website and newspaper advertisements.

“I was also passing it around word of mouth as well,” McLendon said.

She said she believes the lack of participation is due to a general apathy toward local government.

“In towns this size, it’s very common not to have elections because there’s not enough people to generate interest in the election,” she said.

The only time she recalled a turnout of more than five to six people at a council meeting was during discussion over LaCrosse’s fire department.

“But, as for day-to-day governing, there’s not a whole lot of interest.”

The council members will be sworn in for another two year term in April.

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