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Photo special to Alachua County Today

L-R: Santa Fe High School principal Dr. Elizabeth LeClear and Raceway of Alachua manager Teala Yaus. A portion of gas sales from the “spirit pump” is donated to the Santa Fe High School athletic program.

ALACHUA – A new gas pump at the Raceway gas station in Alachua near Publix and Santa Fe High School (SFHS) on U.S. Highway 441 is donating $.01 for every gallon sold to the athletic program at Santa Fe.

All 14 sports offered at Santa Fe will benefit from the fundraiser.

The principal of Santa Fe High School, Dr. Elizabeth LeClear, and Teala Yaus, manager at Raceway of Alachua, have headed the project.

It took Yaus over a month to organize and gain approval and garner help from others for the project.

“I worked with a great group of people from designers to the principal herself,” Yaus said.

The “wrap” for the gas pump itself took weeks to design, print and apply. The concept was proposed on March 1, and as of May 11, it was officially up and running for business.

The gas pump profits will be maintained for the foreseeable future.

Yaus said she wants what is best for SFHS.

“I know of other gas stations in other areas that had this idea, but this is the first in Alachua,” Yaus said.

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