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ViperCaseGreenAnacondaFWC officers took the snakes, including this green anaconda, to a permitted facility.
(FWC photo by Investigator Kevin Larson)
  JACKSONVILLE - Two Jacksonville residents were arrested Monday for multiple captive wildlife law violations involving venomous snakes and conditional reptile species.

Robert S. Hayes (DOB 05/27/53) and Scott Hayes (DOB 03/04/82) were cited when Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officers executed a search warrant Monday afternoon at the Hayes’ residence.

Two Gaboon vipers, one diamondback rattlesnake and a mangrove snake (venomous snakes), as well as an African rock python, a Burmese python and a green anaconda (conditional species) were found during the search.

Hayes and his son were charged with possessing a venomous reptile without a permit, possessing a conditional species without a permit, unsafe housing for venomous reptiles and other violations related to safety documentation for the snakes. The two men had been cited in the past for violations related to captive alligators and crocodiles.

“Officers and investigators worked together to make this case. During the arrest, members of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Jacksonville Animal Control were valuable members of the team,” said FWC Lt. David Lee, investigations supervisor.

The snakes were seized from Hayes and taken to a permitted facility, according to FWC investigators.