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WALDO – The City of Waldo is looking into the possibility of building a new fire station within city limits.

Facing financial issues two years ago, Waldo turned over the city operated fire station to Alachua County. Located at 263 SW 2nd Way in Waldo, the fire department is currently managed and operated by the County, not the City of Waldo.

In the existing agreement between the County and the City, a new fire station could be built if the City of Waldo provides the necessary property of approximately two acres. Alachua County would responsible for the financial resources required.

Alachua County Fire Rescue Chief Ed Bailey confirmed that Waldo is currently searching for an ideal location for a new fire station.

“The design is already set for the station,” said Bailey. “We would be applying for any grants that are available and applicable to fund this.”

Upon the construction of the new fire station, the old fire station would revert back to the City of Waldo’s ownership and the new fire station would be controlled and managed by Alachua County. The main objective is to have a fire station of the appropriate size and meet the required building codes.

Waldo City Manager Kim Worley said the plan is just in the preliminary stages.

“He [Bailey] and I are trying to figure out where we can find the land. The applications for the grants still need to be put in,” she said.

Locations for the new fire station would ideally be off one of the major highways such as U.S. Highway 301 North or South or State Road 24.

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