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HIGH SPRINGS – One look at the City of High Springs' website reveals just how serious city leaders are about cleaning up their town to make it look like an upscale community.

The City is posting 14 surplus properties to be sold with the intention that each sold property will have the underbrush removed and low-hanging limbs trimmed back within 90 days of their sale. Minimum bids for those properties range from $500 to $5,000.

Sealed bids will be accepted through 2 p.m., Wednesday, April 13, at the City Manager's Office.

Most lots are buildable. One or two smaller lots are adjacent to owned property, which could be expanded by the addition of the smaller lot.

“The smaller lot would increase the overall size and value of the adjacent property,” said Mike Kearney, under contract to assist the city manager in his cleanup efforts. “Some of these lots are just beautiful,” said Kearney. “One even has a stream running through it.”

Maps of the property locations are available on the City of High Springs website.

The City hired the services of a commercial rotating brush cutter to clear a couple of overgrown lots. “Amazingly, the process only took four hours using his equipment,” said Kearney, who admits it took him a lot longer to do it himself on his own property.

The City is also ridding itself of equipment and vehicles it no longer needs. A Dixie Chopper Mower with a 60-inch deck was up for bid Wednesday, March 16.

Sealed bids for surplus vehicles are also being solicited with a minimum bid price ranging from $350 for vehicles to $1,500 for a bucket truck. The deadline for bid submission on those vehicles was yesterday.

The City has also scheduled its annual Tire Roundup to collect old tires for disposal. Collection times are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Wednesday through Thursday, April 27-28. The Tire Roundup location is at the Public Works Yard under the water tower at NW 184th Place.

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