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WALDO – The City of Waldo has been approved to receive a grant from the Suwanee River Water Management District. The monies will be used to replace faulty water meters. The failing meters have been a recurring problem, said Waldo City Manager Kim Worley. The City was awarded $76,836, which will be matched with City funds, bringing the projected total of the upgrades to $153,672.

The grant funds will come out of the water management district’s $1.5 million budget for projects that address or enhance water supplies within the district.

Known as the Local Regional Initiative Valuing Environmental Resources (RIVER) cost-share program, 43 applications were submitted by the December 2012 deadline for the 2013 fiscal year. Out of the 43 districts that applied, only 14 projects were approved, and Waldo was one of the approved projects.

The 14 projects totaled $1,499,903, which will be used for a variety of improvements including increased flood protection, removal of nitrates and reduction of sediments that enter into the Suwanee River.

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