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HIGH SPRINGS – The High Springs City Commission unanimously approved an agreement between the City and Oak Ridge at High Springs Homeowners’ Association (HOA) after prolonged arguments over required repairs to Phase Two of the subdivision.

HOA President and developer Rick Howe submitted a punch list for Phases One and Two for $3,450 and $23,043, for work remaining on the project. These amounts are significantly lower than the original amount of remaining work, which was estimated to be approximately $98,000 in late 2018.

The agreement significantly guarantees that the work will be completed, and with the belief that Howe intends to build out the remaining phases of the subdivision, the Commission agreed to authorize the signing of the contract.

As security for the performance of the agreement and on behalf of Oak Ridge HOA, within 45 days Howe Development Corporation is expected to deposit the full cost of completing the punch list work totaling $26,493 into the Trust Account of Salter Feiber, P.A., counsel for Howe Development Corporation.

Regarding Phase Two, Feiber will notify the City when the deposit is made into the trust account. In the event the cost to bring the infrastructure improvements into compliance with City regulations exceeds the amount specified, the City shall bear no responsibility for the cost of completing the work. In the event Oak Ridge HOA defaults in the performance of this agreement, the funds remaining in the trust account shall be held by Salter Feiber and subject to dispersal by the City to complete the work.

Within 60 days of the date of the agreement, Oak Ridge HOA is to provide the City with an executed contract with a licensed and qualified contractor for the work to be performed.

The construction contract necessary to complete the work shall be assignable to the City and the funds in the trust account are to be available to the City if Oak Ridge HOA fails to complete the work.

The City agreed that no permit is required for the work.

In exchange, the City will allow the HOA to file the application to install signage and lighting at the Phase Two entrance similar to the signage and lighting previously approved and installed at the entrance to Phase One. The expense to install and maintain the signage is the responsibility of the Oak Ridge HOA.

Once the work has been completed as specified the City will accept and maintain the right-of-way in Oak Ridge Phase Two and all improvements including, but not limited to the roads, sidewalks, water and sewer.

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