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L-R: School Resource Officer Jason Taylor displays his Commendation standing next to High Springs Police Chief Antoine Sheppard.


HIGH SPRINGS — High Springs School Resource Officer Jason Taylor received a standing ovation during the Jan. 23 High Springs City Commission meeting. Taylor was presented with a High Springs Police Department Life Saving Award for saving a student’s life in an emergency.

On Nov. 19, a third grade student had food lodged in his mouth during lunchtime at the High Springs Community School. Complete blockage of the student’s airway endangered the student’s life.

Taylor was present when the student began choking and was able to successfully perform the Heimlich maneuver and dislodge the blockage. He then helped the student to the nurse’s station where the student received further treatment and evaluation.

Because of Taylor’s quick action at such a critical time, Police Chief Antoine Sheppard awarded him the Life Saving Award and read the plaque to the audience.

“We are not only proud of what Officer Taylor did that day but for the many other ways in which he serves the students as well as the ways all our officers serve our community,” said Sheppard.

“He should be further recognized for his humility in saying, ‘I was just doing my job,’” said High Springs Police Department Sgt. D. Shenk, the officer who nominated Taylor for this recognition.

Although Taylor is a man of few words, he thanked his family, who he said was filling up the whole front row, and thanked the City for believing in him, “in my agency, in my chief and letting us do what we do and love every day.”

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